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Wine of Honest Labor

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Cabell was just starting to fall in love with wine when he first visited Burgundy. At 20 years old while studying abroad at the University of Dijon, his host family opened a birth year wine for him. From that moment, he was forever changed.

After graduation, Cabell felt Burgundy beckoning him. He returned to work there for three years and then travelled to the Willamette Valley and to New Zealand to complete degrees in Enology and Viticulture at Lincoln University.

Prior to launching Works and Days, Cabell spent time at Alder Spring Vineyard, Flanagan, DuMol and Kosta Browne. His true calling is Pinot Noir, as Cabell has never had a harvest without it. In 2015 Cabell realized his dream of crafting his own small winery featuring highly-allocated wines.

“Winemaking is the culmination of a vast number of decisions. Starting with the site, the farming practice, the response to weather conditions, the picking date, the tank and barrel programs, ferment protocols and continuing through blending and bottling. It is the daily decisions, actions, and sometimes lack of action that unlocks a vineyard’s highest potential. This quest to reveal each vineyards unique personality, while dealing with the challenges inherent in farming, is what makes winemaking challenging, interesting, and highly rewarding. My goal is always the same, to deliver each vineyard’s best expression in each vintage and to make a wine where the last glass is better than the first.” - Cabell Coursey


Works and Days draws its name from Hesiod’s eponymous ancient text. Written in approximately 700 BCE, it’s essentially the first Farmer’s Almanac and contains advice about life, farming, livestock, and work. It is with similar thought, care and intelligence that Cabell Coursey and his team approach their wines.

Cabell’s philosophy begins on site with the vines, where he believes that greater time spent translates directly to a better finished product. His approach is organized and hands-on. He and his vineyard crews make small adjustments throughout the season to produce outstanding and consistent fruit.

In order to achieve structure and balance, Cabell seeks out the best sites and choses to pick earlier and ferment longer than most. This allows for wines with fruit, acidity, and tannin that are inspired by Cabell’s roots in Burgundy. Cabell’s hard work translates to sophisticated wines which will make you understand the true potential of Sonoma Pinot Noir.


Hill Justice Vineyard

Hill Justice Vineyard is unique in many ways. With it’s rocky, red-soil and higher clay content, its 9 acres would blend in perfectly on Napa Valley’s Silverado Trail. However, Hill Justice is steeply sloped and sits on the side of Sonoma Mountain at nearly 1100’ elevation. The Swiss clones, which typically don’t grow well in California, thrive in this extreme environment. Having planted it themselves, Hill Justice is testament to Cabell and his team’s thoughtfulness in creating wines of character, place, and importance.

Spring Hill Vineyard

Getting its name from Spring Hill Road, this 16 acre vineyard sits between Marin County and Valley Ford. The Petaluma Gap heavily influences Spring Hill providing typical cool, windy and coastal conditions. Spring Hill’s goldridge soils and environment might best be suited for redwoods. Yet, the Pinot Noir here provides rich fruit flavor as it fights for every bit of sunshine.